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Dr Michael Bounds

Dr Michael Bounds author of Urban Social Theory (OUP 2004) is currently co-ordinator of the Practitioner in Residence Program of the Henry Halloran Trust at The University of Sydney. He is a full member of the Planning Institute of Australia and a Director of Australian Research and Testing Services Pty Ltd.

He has been an Associate Professor and Head of the School of Sociology and Justice Studies at UWS where he was also a Director of the Urban Studies Research Centre. He lectured extensively in the UNSW BTP and MUDD and has worked as an Urban Sociologist for over 25 years. He has undertaken research into public housing and tenant participation, gentrification, urban conflict, development and cultural change and the settlement of outer suburban Master Planned Estates and is the author of a number of articles and reports on housing and urban development.


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About AIUS

The Australian Institute of Urban Studies is an independent non-profit organisation established through the initiatives of the Australian Planning Institute and the Social Science Research Council.

The Institute is supported by membership subscription and by the proceeds of its activities such as public seminars. Although there are other, mostly professional, organisations with an interest in urban affairs, AIUS is Australia's only widely representative, non partisan, multi-disciplinary body concerned with all aspects of urban affairs.