The Australian Institute of Urban Studies is an independent non-profit organisation established through the initiatives of the Australian Planning Institute and the Social Science Research Council.

The Institute is supported by membership subscription and by the proceeds of its activities such as public seminars. Although there are other, mostly professional, organisations with an interest in urban affairs, AIUS is Australia's only widely representative, non partisan, multi-disciplinary body concerned with all aspects of urban affairs.

The objectives of the AIUS are:

  • Encourage, promote and undertake practical, action-oriented. research into all aspects of urban affairs.
  • Disseminate authoritative information and publicise and stimulate awareness of urban issues.
  • Promote the quality and efficiency of life in Australia's cities and towns.
  • Give independent advice to all levels of government.
  • Evaluate the implications of public policies and practices for urban areas and their inhabitants.
  • Co-operate with other organisations with similar interests.
  • Membership is open to anyone interested in urban affairs, including the future of Australian cities and towns, and the way they are changing.

The NSW Division has been in existence for 40 years playing an important role of an independent privately organised body conducting its own research into significant urban issues. Under the stewardship of current Chairman Michael Neustein, the emphasis in the last few years has been on public seminars and "City Talks" . These meetings have ranged over subjects as diverse and controversial as migration into the city, geopolitics and housing affordability, the expectations of The Greater Sydney Commission and how to engage with the District Plans.


Join us in person on Tuesday 24 October 2023 for a conversation with Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Paul Scully. The Minister has taken office amidst a crisis of housing supply and on-going criticism of the slow pace of approvals by State and local government.

The Minister’s talk will be followed by the AIUS AGM.

David Harding, Executive Director, Policy and Advocacy, Business NSW will consider the future of the CBD in an era of hybrid work and office space surplus on Tuesday 14 November 2023. David also has credentials in Nuclear Naval Engineering and has indicated he is happy to discuss the impacts of AUKUS on Australian business. This will be an in person event.


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