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Terence P Byrnes


Terence (Terry) Byrnes is a Fellow of both the Australian Institute of Architects and the Planning Institute of Australia. He has sustained a career as a consultant in both disciplines during his professional career spanning the last forty years, Architectural interests first drew him to America to work for the then renowned architect Minoru Yamasaki whose New York World Trade Centre is no more. Following planning studies at Yale University in the USA, he co-founded and taught the inaugural planning course for the Department of Architecture at Hong Kong University.

Back in Australia, in the early 1970s he joined George Smith to found Wellings Smith and Byrnes, a consultant practice in planning, architecture and urban design that became one of Sydney’s largest multi-disciplinary firms. Since that time, consultancy has continued as his primary interest with clients such as the Sydney Opera House Trust. Throughout his career, Terry has frequently been an expert planning witness in the NSW Court system, sometimes labeled as the ‘architect’s architect’. In the role of urban designer, he facilitated re-working applications for development approvals for both public and private sector clients. He is currently exploring opportunities for innovative engagements in Asia and China.


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